Collective Connections

Defining Collective Connections

As a business owner it can feel at times like you’re on an island. There’s no one to ask those supposedly “dumb” questions, just to share a win or that something is tough. We believe in community and when we come together supporting one another’s businesses we all rise to greatness.

When you have a big group it’s easy to get lost and fade into the background. But we see you and we see the importance of your business.

That’s why we have Collective Connections!

What are Collective Connections? A small group of members from the Simple Pin Collective working towards the goal of mastering Pinterest to grow their business. Some are in different niches or maybe the same, but regardless our goal is the same → get more sales, traffic and conversions from Pinterest. 

Joining An Established Collective Connection Group

You can find a list in the documents sections of the SPM Collective Facebook group where the established groups are listed.

Here's how to join a group:

  1. Ask to be added
  2. Tell them why you are a great fit for their group so they don’t have to ask you.
  3. They may ask you a few questions based on their group structure, to be sure you are a fit for their group.
  4. If they approve you
  5. Be sure to add your name to their list in the Facebook doc.
  6. Stay in contact with your new group based on the systems they have established.

Suggested communication methods:

  • Regular zoom calls
  • Voxer threads
  • Or even regular “homework” for the studious groups who love to have deadlines

Groups are capped at 6 members so don’t be discouraged if you aren’t able to find a group right away.

Creating a new Collective Connections group

If you don’t see a group that fits or if they are full, don’t give up! Chances are there are others in the SPM Collective just waiting to join a group with someone like YOU!

Post in the Facebook group letting people know you are looking to begin a new Collective Connections group. Be sure to mention the focus of your group and how to reach you if they are interested (ie. comment below, email @___, etc.). Here is an example:

“Hello my name is ____ and I’m a Pinterest marketing manager looking to start a Collective Connections group with other Pinterest marketing managers like myself. If you are interested please comment below with your email address!”

Once you have found your “people” be sure to add your group information to the Facebook document so others can join.

Groups should be capped at 6 members so if your’s reaches that number then just put “FULL” above your group so you don’t continue to get requests to join your awesome group. 

Communication within Your New Collective Connection Group

Once you have your group members the first thing you should do is plan a time and way to meet up and discuss the structure that will best fit your group.

You can do this via Zoom, Voxer, Slack or whatever works best for your group members. For this first call we do recommend a video chat so you can have time to cover everything and get to know one another better.

Here are some possible things you might want to talk about at this initial meeting:

Introduce yourselves:

  • What is your Name
  • What is your business
  • How long have you been in this business
  • How long have you been on Pinterest as a marketer

Talk about what your goals are in joining the group.

  • Do you just want feedback
  • Do you need accountability to complete tasks
  • Do you need help with setting goals
  • Are you excited to share what you are learning as you discover things

Decide your group structure:

  • How often will you meet
  • How will you meet
  • Monthly zoom calls?
  • Voxer throughout the week?
  • Slack anytime and zoom call regularly?

Decide when your next meeting will be and if needed what the topic will be?

  • Are you going to stay tracking with the training content
  • Do you want to have hot seats within your group
  • Will you be creating goals to have completed by the next meeting

These groups can go as deep (or not deep) as you like. The main goal is to connect with each other and decide as a group what you are all committing to...then stick with it!

If your group ever hits a point where you are stuck and need guidance you can always post in the Facebook group or email us at