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Here's how to use the Pinterest Insights Dashboard

Boom! Let's get you set up with the Pinterest Insights dashboard so you'll be on your way to finding the data you need to make smart Pinterest marketing decisions. 

Here are the instructions for getting the dashboard installed on your site using Google Data Studio. 

First, watch the video below. That will show you how to get set up to receive the Pinterest Insights Dashboard. Please watch the video fully -- it's only 5 minutes!

Second, click the button below to find the dashboard. And follow the same prompts you saw in the video.

Last, we've listed some FAQ's at the bottom and some troubleshooting advice. If you're still stuck, please email

Troubleshooting questions and answers about installing the dashboard:

Question: "Help, the demographics are not populating on page 2!" Answer --> View this Google doc to get more information on how to get the numbers to show. 

Question: "Google Studio has me logged in as an account that is different that my analytics account so I can't select my analytics data." Answer --> Go into the original account using google analytics and add your new email as a user.

Question: "I was forced to log in but when I try to use the Insights link to open the report it doesn't allow for me to make a copy." Answer --> Try and incognito window first, then if that doesn't work, Go into the original account using google analytics and add your new email as a user.

Trouble understand metrics? --> Here's our recommended article by the dashboard designer.

Sneak Peek Bonus --> The video below is a coaching call with Jennifer Grayeb in the Simple Pin Collective from April. These calls are available to members only but we're sharing this one with you today to help you better understand how to utilize the dashboard to your advantage. 

If you're not a member of the Simple Pin Collective, you can join here at anytime

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