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How to use the Simple Pin Pinterest Strategy Toolkit

Hey there! 

The Simple Pin Pinterest Strategy Toolkit was created just for you. When we asked our community about their greatest struggle when it comes to Pinterest marketing, the most common response was strategy. "How do I create a strategy for Pinterest?"

If you've been in my community for any length of time, you'll know that I promise you over and over there's no "secret" to Pinterest. You're not missing the ONE THING that everyone else knows. There isn't one simple trick that will blow up your Pinterest traffic. Pinterest is a long game and what works for one account may not work at ALL for yours.

It's for this reason that inside the strategy toolkit, we give you four examples of different pinners in different niches. While these may not fit your niche or style exactly, it's helpful to see what others do and what their pinning strategy looks like.

If nothing else, this can show you that there isn't "one right way" to do Pinterest.

So let's dive in!

Strategy vs Tactics

First, as we will talk about strategy, it's important to remember  there is a distinct difference between strategy and tactics. Strategy is your plan for how you want to use Pinterest to grow your business and tactics are the methods you use to fulfill said strategy. Tactics are fluid and ever-changing like "posting only to group boards" or "only creating super long vertical pin images".

Strategy is where you're going with Pinterest and how you want to utilize the platform to grow. 

What does a strategy statement look like? Here's an example:

“Simple Pin Media uses Pinterest to strategically grow their email list with the ultimate goal of generating more students and clients.”

What does a tactical strategy statement look like? Here's an example:

"I pin ten times per day, 7 of my own pins and 3 of other peoples. I aim to pin my most popular content first, found in my Google or Pinterest analytics. Then I pin seasonal content, and then lastly, my new content. I primarily focus on personal boards instead of group boards and I check my Tailwind stats one time per month to inform me on how it’s working. I check my analytics to see how my pins are performing there as well."

If you want to hear more about the difference between strategy and tactics where it pertains to Pinterest, give a listen to this podcast I recorded several months back

How to get the most out of your toolkit

1. Watch the first video (above) titled "Simple Pin Strategy Guide" - This is essentially an intro to the guide and goes over what I talk about above.

2. Download the PDF guide, read through the different strategies and take some notes! You may find some things that you absolutely want to try and some that don't sound interesting or doable to you at all.

3. If you're more of an auditory learner, watch the videos below on Product Seller Strategy and Lifestyle Content Creator Strategy. These pair nicely with the written strategies and can give you an even more "boots on the ground" look at how others pin.

4. Create your own simple strategy statement (like the one listed above)

5. Create your own simple tactical strategy statement (like the one listed above)

6. Give yourself 2-3 action items or goals to focus on over the next 4-6 months (creating better images, researching keywords, learning who your ideal customer is)

7. Download the spreadsheet (linked below) so you can start tracking your stats and numbers to watch for any patterns

To access the spreadsheet, simply click the link and it will force you to make a copy. Now you can begin adding dates and numbers to see the patterns of growth throughout your time on Pinterest. 

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Now what? What do you DO with your statements?

Put them to the test!

Your strategy statement will be your true North. This will help you keep your eye on the prize when someone posts about a strategy in a Facebook group and you start to get squirrely. Those that keep their eyes on their own page will grow faster than those who keep looking around at what everyone else is doing. 

Commit to trying out your tactical strategy for at LEAST a month. If you see something clearly not working right out of the gate (by the numbers or how it fits in your schedule), you can scrap it. But try to really commit to one strategy for a solid chunk of time.

You won't see changes or spikes/drops on Pinterest immediately, so you need to give your strategy time. Your pins need time to get circulating on the platform to accurately test how your strategy is working. If after 4-6 weeks, you aren't comfortable with where you're at, try changing one thing at a time. 

I wish I could tell you exactly how many pins to pin per day, how many boards, what time to pin. I really wish I could. But Pinterest just doesn't work that way. I hope the tools inside this toolkit can help you find your way forward in a way that makes sense to you.

Happy strategy building!

If you have any trouble or have any follow-up questions, please email

If you're looking for more of a deep dive into your strategy or need any additional help with your Pinterest marketing, you can join the Simple Pin Collective at anytime

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