Business Foundations

Pinterest Business Foundations. We are excited you are here! If you are new to the Collective, welcome! Let's dive in!

Creating A Branded Profile. It’s important to have your branding come through loud and clear to make a powerful first impression. We can accomplish this goal by making sure the following elements of your profile are optimized.

Creating the Right Boards. Creating the right boards not only sends a powerful message about your brand but it also helps the algorithm serve up the right content to the pinners who are pinning content from your boards. The board name and board description all play a key role in helping your content getting seen by more people. 

Evaluating Group Boards. Group boards have changed over time into something Pinterest never intended, as a result they are less powerful when driving traffic. This means we need to be very careful about the group boards we’re a part of it with the majority of the boards on your profile being your own personal boards. Here’s how to evaluate your group boards and decide if they are worthy to stay on your Pinterest page.