Generating Sales Using Pinterest

The buying Power of Pinterest and the importance of understanding the pinners mindset. This is important as you plan when you want people to buy the product.

On Pin Messaging. You do not need to stick to the blog post title but try to include an emotional hook, a clear CTA and other brief phrasing clues as to what the content is about.  By doing this you reduce the risk of a high bounce rate due to unclear messaging. Found out which phrasing to use and when!

The Verified Merchant Program. This is a powerful way to sell products on Pinterest but it takes some technical support to make it happen. 

Taking Advantage of Seasonal Sales. Learn how to create an effective gift guide for your audience to generate sales!

The following are extra interviews from product sellers in both the physical and digital space. Listen to each for tips and takeaways. 

The Garter Girl Interview. Julianne of the Garter Girl tells us how she generates sales through Pinterest to her Shopify e-commerce site. 

Tara Jacobsen Interview. Tara Jacobsen tells us how she generates sales for her two Etsy shops using Pinterest. She has 20 years of marketing experience and runs 3 blogs, including Marketing Artfully so knows the ins and outs of effective online sales.

Nikki Rausch Interview. Nikki Rausch of Your Sales Maven tells us how these subtle indicators on your site will lead to more conversions and more sales. She’s a genius when it comes to sales language and has some genius tips on which words not to use and what stories to tell or not tell.