Growing Your Email List Using Pinterest

Why Email is Important & Best Practices. An email list or newsletter is a direct line of communication with your people. It’s important for selling products, services or increasing traffic to your website. Here are a few best practices I like to make sure I consider as I grow my list.

Creating an Email Opt-In. Don’t let “getting it right” stop you. Come up with an idea. Maybe you don’t want to give away a freebie but just deliver value. Start with one opt-in and figure out how it works best from there. In this video we will walk through some ideas for opt-ins and how to implement them.

Pinnable Email opt-in Creation Ideas. Get inspired and learn what makes these pinnable images work to drive traffic to Opt-ins, Lead Magnets and Freebies. (links to all the examples will be found in the PDF).

Opt-In Landing Pages & Pin Messaging.  Learn to create a subtle call to action within the pin. plus how to a/b test for the best image and some real life examples from Simple Pin.

Nurturing Your Email List. Remember to think of your audience like people sitting in your living room. If you stop talking to them they will leave. This is exactly what nurturing means. Here are a few suggestions for how to nurture your list.

Is Your Email Strategy Working? The standard rates for open and click rates are subject to industry. Whether you’re B2B or B2C will impact what you’re looking for. Learn how to calculate opt-in rates to assess if your opt-in is working! 

Email Coaching Call with Kate Doster. Kate Doster walks us through the ins and outs of effective email marketing! From numbers to track to how to reach your people, she goes over it all!