How to Master Tailwind

Welcome! Watch the quick intro video above to learn more about this course!

How to Optimize Content. In this video you will learn: How to Use Pin Inspector (0:00), Understanding Trending Pins (06:35), What is the Interest Heatmap feature? (08:47), and finally all about the Peak Days and Times to Pin Feature(11:24).

Track Your Brand Page. Tailwind Dashboard Overview (0:00), Understanding Profile Performance (03:25), and Learn How to Use Board Insights (05:00).

How to Use Publisher (Part 1). Using Drafts in Tailwind (0:00), How to Interval Pin (02:57), How to Create a New Pin (07:57), Scheduled Pins (12:37), and What to do with Failed Pins (15:10).

How to Use Publisher (Part 2). Published Pins (00:26), Schedule (02:47), and Board Lists (05:06).

How to Understand and Use Tribes Effectively. Creating a Tribe (0:00), How to Find a Tribe (06:40), and Understanding Tribe Analytics (09:00).

How to Pin! Using the Tailwind Extension (0:00), and How to Pin a Week's Worth of Pins quickly and effectively (03:00).

How to Batch Pin and Shuffle the Queue. How to Batch Pin (0:00), and How to Shuffle the Queue (11:34).

Understanding Tailwind Bonus Features. How to Use Smart Loop (0:00), What is Content Discovery? (05:55), How to Monitor Your Domain (08:02), and Mobile & Email Preferences (13:23).

These last two videos are bonus information on how to use Tailwind SmartLoop. If you are new to Pinterest marketing or Tailwind, it's okay to pass on learning how to use SmartLoop. It's an advanced feature and should only be used if you've mastered the basics of Tailwind first.