Keyword Optimization

Welcome to Keyword Optimization! Pinners use Pinterest to find, dream, discover and plan. They search for those ideas through keywords to discover what they never knew before. How do we optimize our pins to get seen, repinned by users and then bringing the pin into more people’s feeds?

How Keyword Targeting Works. Learn how the algorithm works and the importance of ensuring your keywords are maxed out on your board titles, board descriptions and pin descriptions.

Finding the Right Keywords - Guided Search. In this video we will learn how Pinterest serves up the right keywords and will suggest more throughout the feed. We will also look into how to do a guided search to find the right keywords for your brand.

Writing a Good Pin Description. Pin descriptions are by far the most powerful tool in your keyword game. Not only for the pins you share but for the ones being shared from your website. Learn how to write a solid description and where to put them on your website. 

Hashtags on Pinterest. How to incorporate hashtags into your Pinterest marketing and the current best practices.

A/B Testing Pin Descriptions. Very similar to how you test images, you’ll track the pins with the two different pin descriptions to see which ones perform better. Find out how to create a simple Google Spreadsheet to assess your pin descriptions.

The spreadsheet linked above is set to "View Only". To use, click File > Make a Copy.

Visual Search. Learn how Pinterest Visual Search feature works and how to use it for your business to get your content seen by more pinners!