Reciprocity Intro. Are sharing tools worth it?  Is sharing via the provided tools important and does it work? (this is what we will explore and answer in subsequent videos. Not a way to work the system)

Sharing with Your Audience. From what we’ve seen with our clients, those who get organic shares from their audience experience long term steady growth as opposed to those who do not. If you’re newer to Pinterest and you want to help get lift off. then test out some of these strategies just to build awareness that you’re on the platform. If you’re a seasoned Pinterest marketing, implement simple changes like a pin link in email or Instagram to get an extra boost.

Sharing through Tribes, FB groups & Group boards. Sharing amongst business owners to help increase reach has been a tactic on Pinterest for quite some time. It started with group boards. Next Facebook share groups came on the scene. Finally Tailwind released Tribes and suddenly we had a WAY more efficient way to share content within the scheduling tool most people were already using. Here are the pitfalls and things to wath for with each of these strategies.