Refresh and Revive

Intro: Refresh and Revive. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer on Pinterest or just starting out, there always has to be space to take a new look at your Pinterest marketing and find ways to refresh and revive what you’re doing. You have to learn to refresh and revive your business (and yourself) along the way.

Pinterest Setting Refresh. Your profile speaks to what your brand is about, but it, more importantly, tells Pinterest how to categorize your content. Very few followers land on your profile so don’t think of it as the main stage, think of it as a way to showcase what you talk about since most of them will see your content in the search feed and the smart feed. Learn to refresh your profile to be ready for them, whichever way they land on your content!

Boards Setting Refresh. Boards follow the same logic as what we covered in the profile refresh, but in this case, we’re really playing to the algorithm. Learn to review each board for the quality and ensuring all the settings are correct. Get the ins and outs of reviewing each board so it is fully optimized and ready for your audience to discover it!