Site Optimization

Site Optimization! It’s easy to overlook site performance and health, but for Pinterest and Google consideration we really shouldn’t. Here are some things to think about and ways to help improve optimization of your site.

Social Share Buttons & Hidden Images. Having social share buttons on your site allows visitors to share content to Pinterest with ease.This helps your reader and increases Pinterest engagement. And what about hiding images, yay or nay? There are several reasons people hide images in their posts. From aesthetics to functionality, here's what you need to know about hiding images.

Pinterest Widgets. Pinterest widgets are a great way to build more awareness for readers that you’re on Pinterest and they can follow you or pin your content. Find out how to create and use your own widgets within your site!

Calls to Action. From all points of data what we see is that organic sharing from your site can produce great long term results. Of all our clients what we find is that those with highly engaged audience participation receive the best results. Those without an audience or a fairly small audience, never fear. Here are a few best practices for calling people to pin or to follow you!

Perfect Pinnable Post. How to craft an optimized post for Pinterest that ensures all is optimized and people can share freely from your post.