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How to use UTM codes with Google Analytics

Peter Drucker said, "what gets measured gets managed".

UTM stands for "Urchin Traffic Monitor". This name comes from Urchin Tracker, a web analytics software that served as the base for Google Analytics. The code only serves one purpose --> to help your analytics tool (Google) track the source of your visitor. This means you can see where they click and what they purchase. Not more guessing.

Now it's time to watch the video and download the workbook.

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Commonly Asked Questions:

Do I need to create a new UTM for each image?

Whenever you make a new image create a new UTM. It doesn't have to be wildly different but you do have to be able to differentiate between your images. Here's an example of multiple images for the same URL and how the UTM's could look:

  • pin_buttermilk_pancakes_blue_text
  • pin_buttermilk_pancakes_split_image
  • pin_buttermilk_pancakes_ingredients

All of these are for the same URL but when entering in the descriptions make sure that you know which pin you're talking about based on the description. It makes deciphering in Google analytics so much easier! All the other components of the UTM (source, medium etc) can stay the same.

We're here to help of you have any troubles. Please email us at

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